BYU’s World Record Streamliner

A few weeks ago we were able to head out the the Bonneville Salt Flats and photograph the World Record attempt of BYU’s Electric Blue Streamliner. This is an all electric car that is powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. The E1 Class is the lightest of the electric vehicles, and the toughest to compete in because of the weight restrictions.

I’ve been working on the project for almost four years, and it was really exciting to see the car perform after all the work put in by the team. The electric motor of the streamliner is very quiet, a stark contrast to the monster racers that were out on the Salt Flats that day. Driver Jim Burkdoll set a world record with the streamliner of 155.8 miles per hour, and he was mobbed by the engineering students after we caught up to him.

Dr. Perry Carter started this project seven years ago, and has overcome many setbacks to achieve this record. He even delayed his retirement so that he could see it through to the end. After the stress of the past few weeks, it was great to see him with a big smile all day long after getting the record. During the course of the project, 130 BYU students worked on the car and got real world engineering experience in designing and building the car.

Check out a slide show of the photos we shot that day:

And here is a video shot by Ryan McLean documenting the record setting day:

You can learn more about the project on the BYU News Page at :