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A fProfessional Photographer Magazine January 2015 Coverew months ago I was asked to write an article on the BYU Wireless Workflow for Professional Photographer Magazine, which is the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of America. The PPA was great to work with and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think the wireless options that we have now can be a great benefit to any photographer working today. The worst part about having your photos or stories appear in a magazine is the wait for it to come out, but the wait is finally over and the article is now live.  Check it out on their website at let me know what you think!

The Wireless Workflow will be a big part of my upcoming workshop “The Complete Team Photographer” at ImagingUSA on January 30th in Nashville, Tennessee. It will be an 8 hour intensive workshop on the ins and outs of sports and team photography. I plan on covering a wide range of topics including how to shoot action photos, equipment setup,  lighting poster shoots, social media, and how to archive your photos. I’ll also show you how you can use to manage and archive your photos online, deliver them to clients and enable online sales of prints and digital files. It should be a great class, I hope to see you there!

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