Dancing in the Rain – BYU Photo

By Mark A. Philbrick and Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo

A few months back we were approached by our dance department to create a poster for their upcoming concert. One of the featured numbers involved students dancing in the rain so we thought that would make the perfect poster, as long as we provided the rain. In case you were wondering, we kind of have an affinity for water shoots as of late (Softball – Gymnastics). Continue reading Dancing in the Rain – BYU Photo

A Spin on Christmas – BYU Photo

By Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo

This year we tried to create a really unique image for the annual “Christmas Around the World” Concert with the BYU Folk Dancers Company. We wanted to shoot directly down on a group of dancers with some fog and lots of different colored lights. The best way to do this was to attach our camera to a lighting bar directly above the stage and take it up 20 feet above the dancers. Continue reading A Spin on Christmas – BYU Photo

Sound Check

Mark Philbrick was hired as the University Photographer at BYU in 1976, which incidentally was the same year that I was born. Now that little fact isn’t relevant to this post, but I do love pointing it out.

When you have been around that long you get invited to speak to pretty much every group on campus. Recently he was asked to speak to the OPAC group on campus and he wanted to have a nice little video clip to break the ice and set the tone for the beginning of his talk. He wanted something fun, but different.

Thanks goodness we have Alison Fidel, who is our multimedia editor. She is actually a talented and experienced actress, as opposed to Kenny and Steve of Canon vs Nikon Fame. We asked her to create a bunch of funny outtakes during a fake sound check, but we left the specifics up to her while we kept rolling. Of course she killed it, check out the results below: