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Master of the Profession Award


At the annual convention of the University Photographers’ Association of America, I was honored to receive the ‘Master of the Profession’ award. This awards means a lot to me because it come from my peers who are some of the best photographers in the country, and I’m humbled by their honor. Thanks to my family and friends who have supported me in this crazy career path and I hope that I can continue to get out and take more pictures.

Improve Photography Podcast

improve-photography-podcastA big thanks to Darin Mellor and Jim Harmer over at the Improve Photography Podcast for the invite to come on the show and talk about sports photography. is one of the biggest photo blogs around and one of the most popular online training site dedicated to helping people learn photography. Their podcast is top notch and has an incredible worldwide audience of a half million followers, so it was really an honor to be invited on the show. The guys were great to work with and it was fun to chat about the BYU wireless workflow, autofocus tips and even mirror-less cameras. Check out my episode at

R.I.P. Kodak T-Max 3200

Salt Lake Community College Basketball shot on Kodak T-Max 3200 Black and White Film. Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU

Kodak just announced that they will stop production on T-Max 3200 Black and White film. As a freshman student at Salt Lake Community College in 1997, I first used 3200 to shoot the colleges basketball games in a very dark gym. I still remember how amazing it was to be able to shoot action in such unfavorable conditions. T-Max 3200 was a crazy emulsion that you could push and pull like crazy and it had a really cool grain structure. Yet one more relic of a forgotten age that will be sorely missed.

And here is another one from Dot Paul at the University of Georgia:

Photo by Dot Paul

So, this is one of the first images I ever shot with tmax 3200 back in 1997 when I first began studying photography–shot with my Nikon N6006 and the kit lens that came with — I think a 35-50 f4.5/5.6. This is my dad, sitting at the kitchen table — all natural light just monkeying around and got very, very lucky. A little burning and dodging in the darkroom too but not really all that much. When I read they were going to discontinue the film, I immediately ordered 10 rolls from Adorama. I’ve got my grandfather’s Nikon SP now and I’m looking forward to running that film through it!