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I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to Imaging USA to teach a Pre-Convention Workshop January 30, 2015 on Sports and Team Photography. My class is titled “The Complete Team Photographer” and it is an all day workshop devoted to all aspect of sports photography, specifically from the viewpoint of a team photographer. I’ll also be spending a lot of time teaching my wireless workflow and my approach to social media for athletic teams. Here is a rough rundown of the topics we’ll cover:

9-10: Intro, Becoming A Team Photographer, What Makes A Great Sports Photo

10-11: BYU’s Wireless Workflow covering Eye-Fi Wireless Cards, Cam-Ranger, Nikon WT5-A, Canon WFT E-6, Social Media

11-12: Sports Action – Choosing The Right Gear, Autofocus Strategies, Shooting In Low Light And A Sport By Sport Rundown Of Best Positions And Strategies For Action Photos

12-1: Lunch Break

1-2: Team Photoday Lighting Demo, Studio Portraits Of Athletes

2-3: Location Athlete Lighting Demo

3-4: Image Workflow, Distribution, Online Sales

4-5: Archiving and Q & A

Check out the class description:

The Complete Team Photographer

There is a $129 registration fee for this all day (8 Hour!) class, you can register for my class at: http://imagingusa.org/register/

Check out the Press Release for more info:

For Immediate Release

December 1, 2014

Local Photographer Brings Passion and Skill to International Photographic

Provo, Utah—Jaren Wilkey, Manager of BYU University Photography will share his
expertise at Imaging USA, the first convention and expo of the year designed exclusively for photography
and imaging professionals. Imaging USA will be held February 1-3, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Check out this link to learn more about his class entitled “The Complete Team Photographer

Wilkey is one of more than 100 expert instructors presenting programs to thousands of professional
photographers and industry experts attending the convention. His program, “The Complete Team Photographer” will
help others improve their sports action and portrait photography skills, helping attendees get one step closer to
photographic success.

Other Imaging USA classes will focus on topics from portrait techniques and marketing ideas to the latest
advancements in digital imaging and software. Imaging USA will also feature a three-day tradeshow and one
of North America’s largest annual photographic exhibits (free to the public) with more than 2,100 awardwinning

Imaging USA has established itself as the first major photographic event of the year. Beginning in 1880
as the annual convention and tradeshow for Professional Photographers of America, it is the longest-running
international photographic convention, expo and image exhibition in the United States. For more information,
visit www.ImagingUSA.org.


Jaren Wilkey



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